日韓豪会議 ”The Rise of China and the Recent Trends of Korea, Japan, and Australia’s China Policy”

テーマThe Rise of China and the Recent Trends of Korea, Japan,

and Australia’s China Policy


              日 時:127() 9301800

場 所:大学院校舎8階 東アジア研究所共同研究室1






Conference Program


December 7~8, 2012

The Institute of East Asian Studies, Keio University, Tokyo



Day 1: December 7 (Friday)


09:30~10:10     Introduction and Overview of the Project’s First Year Progress

                            Speakers: Yoshihide Soeya, Geun Lee, and William Tow



                            Searching for Ways to Weave China together with Middle Powers



                            Session 1 Case of Australia


                            Moderator: Russell Trood

10:10~10:30    Rikki Kersten, “The US Pivot Strategy, the U.S.-Japan Alliance and Regional Ramifications”

10:30-10:50    David Envall, “Australian perceptions of the Sino-Japanese Security Dilemma”

10:50-11:20    William Tow, “New Directions for Australia-China Security Cooperation:  Confidence-Building or Calibration?

11:20~11:40   Yongwook Ryu, “The Pitfalls of Current Middle Power Diplomacy: A Call for Constructing a Common Normative and Institutional Environment by Middle Powers”

11:40~12:00    Amy Catalinac, “Japanese Threat Perceptions in the Age of a Rising China”

12:00~12:30      General Discussion


12:30~13:50      Lunch


                            Session 2 Case of Korea


                            Moderator: Geun Lee

14:00~14:20    Geun Lee, “Changing Energy Geopolitical Landscape and Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific”

14:20~14:40    Joon-Hyung Kim, “The US Pivot Strategy and the Dilemma of Korea’s Middle Power Diplomacy”

14:40~15:00    Heungkyu Kim,China Policy of South Korea as a Middle Power”

15:00~15:20      Cheol Hee Park, “Weaving a Secure Net between the U.S. and China”

15:20~15:40    General Discussion

15:40~15:45     Coffee Break




Session 3 Case of Japan


                            Moderator: Yoshihide Soeya

15:45~16:05     Yusuke Ishihara, “Japan-Australia Cooperation for 

                             Indirect Engagement towards China”

16:05~16:25     Tomohiko Satake “The US-Japan Alliance and

                             Engagement with China”   

16:25~16:35      Coffee Break

16:35~16:55   Takashi Terada “Roles of China and the US in the Japan-Korea Dispute: Internalization of Tensions and Externalization for Management”

16:55~17:25      General Discussion


                            Wrap Up and Closing Discussions led by

17:25~18:00      Yoshihide Soeya, Geun Lee, and William Tow


18:00~                Dinner



Day 2: December 8 (Saturday)


10:00~12:00      Planning Session for the Public Symposium in March

12:00~                Farewell Luncheon