第2回日韓豪会議「The Rise of China and the Changing Trends of Middle Power`s China Policy]

◆テーマ:”The Rise of China and the Changing Trends 1.JPGのサムネール画像のサムネール画像のサムネール画像

                of Middle Power`s ChinaPolicy  

◆日 時:2012年3月16日(金)~17日(土)


◆場 所:ソウル大学国際大学院 

◆共 催:ソウル大学国際大学院 


◆言 語:英語




*会議のサマリおよび政策提言集はこちら-〉Summary of JKA 2012.3.16.pdf




Joint Conference II on

The Rise of China and the

Changing Trends of Middle Power’s China Policy


Co-organized by Institute of East Asian Studies, Keio University, and

Institute of International Affairs, Graduate School of International Studies,

Seoul National University


March 1617, 2012

Seoul National University, Seoul


March 15

18:00 ~                                                                    Dinner


Day 1: March 16


09:00~09:20                  Introduction and Overview of the Project

                                          Speakers: Yoshihide Soeya & Geun Lee


Session 1 Domestic Politics (Public Diplomacy) Sphere

                                       Moderator: Geun Lee

09:20~09:35                   Cheol-Hee Park

09:35~09:50                    Yoshihide Soeya

09:50~10:00                    David Envall

10:00~10:30                    General Discussion (open to all participants)


10:30~10:40                   Break


                                       Session 2 Socio-Cultural (Soft Power) Sphere

                                       Moderator: Geun Lee

10:40~10:55                    Jong-Ho Jeong

10:55~11:10             Masahuki Tadokoro

11:10~11:20                    Rikki Kersten

11:20~11:50                   General Discussion (open to all participants)


11:50~12:50                   Lunch


                                       Session 3 Economics and Regionalism Sphere

                                       Moderator: Yoshihide Soeya

12:50~13:05                   Takashi Terada

13:05~13:20                   Geun Lee

13:20~13:30                   Brendan Taylor

13:30~14:00                   General Discussion (open to all participants)


                                       Session 4 Security Sphere

                                       Moderator: Yoshihide Soeya

14:00~14:15                   Seong-Ho Sheen

14:15~14:30                   Tomohiko Satake

14:30~14:40                   Amy Catalinac and Andrew O`Neli

14:40~15:10                   General Discussion (open to all participants)


15:10~15:30                   Break


15:30~17:00                   Live Telecast ANU Panel Session


15:45~16:30                   Session 1: Middle Powers and “The China Factor”

                                       Moderator: William Tow

                                       Brenden Taylor

                                       Yoshihide Soeya 

                                       Geun Lee


16:30~17:15                   Session 2: Stability of the Korean Peninsula and

                                                       Alliance Strategies    

                                       Moderator: William Tow

                                       Andrew O`Neli

                                       Tomohiko Satake

                                       Seong-Ho Sheen


                                       Closing Comments and Closing Discussion

17:00~17:15                   Geun Lee

17:15~17:30                   Yoshihide Soeya

17:30~17:45                   William Tow


18:30~                            Dinner




Day 2: March 17


10:00-12:00                    Planning for the Next Conference


12:00~                            Farewell Luncheon